Attending a Jordan Peterson lecture

Posted on March 25, 2022

My wife and I recently drove down to Des Moines, Iowa to watch Jordan Peterson’s lecture earlier this week. I was pretty excited for it – I’m a fan of a lot of his ideas. I think he might be the best thinker of our time.

I found that most of the audience was annoying – which I kind of knew going in. There were the people that dressed up – they were annoying, but so were the people that came in cut-off shirts and mud on their shoes. The drunk lady was annoying. The guy behind me who needed to blow his nose was annoying – but so was the guy next to me that turned around and said something about it.

That probably says a lot more about me and about the other people than about Jordan Peterson’s lecture – but the problem was that I had to try and watch, listen, and pay attention while all that stuff was happening between me and Jordan Peterson. That was difficult.

Usually when I listen to Jordan Peterson, it’s on my headphones on a walk – it’s more intimate and personal. So I was very happy I chose to illegally record the lecture and be able to listen to again afterwards, on my headphones. It was actually very good!