Book Notes

The President and the Freedom Fighter

This book did a good job showing that these men were not simple men. They were complex. They were willing to change their minds, when they were convinced. They were willing to speak their minds, even when it wasn’t popular. I believe American has a lot to owe to these two men.

The Color Purple

I knew this was a heavy book, but still the first page took me by surprise. It just punched you in the gut right away. After that, I kind of expected that for the entirety of the book — but that wasn’t the case, either — the punches did keep coming, but it wasn’t all bad.

The Killer Angels

I liked this book. It was the first book I’ve read about the Civil War. I didn’t feel like it was one-sided and it seemed to explain a few things to me about the war and how people were thinking at the time.

Getting Naked

This was a very easy read – it was a fictional story with some lessons to be learned from it. There was a list of principles that the main character learned from a fictional consulting company.

Start With Why

For some reason, I thought this book would be more from an individual perspective rather than an organizational perspective. However, it was the opposite – it was about companies starting with Why.

The Bridges of Madison County

I liked reading this book. It was easy to read and kept me interested and I was able to get through it in only about 3 days – so in that sense I liked it.

But, after finishing it, I don’t think I like the story.

Of Mice and Men

I first read this book in 2020 and now read it again in 2022. My wife, who is a high school English teacher, was preparing to teach this, so I thought I’d read it again to be able to discuss it with her. I generally like the few books of Steinbeck that I’ve read – and that’s true for this one too.

The Order of Time

This book was the third science book I’ve read in a row, after Astrophysics for People in a Hurry and Origins of Existence. This was actually probably more of what I was looking for after Astrophysics for People in a Hurry – it was fairly short, easy to read, moved slow and, for the most part, easy to understand – although maybe not.

The Origins of Existence

After reading Astrophysics for People in a Hurry, I was interested in the galaxies and stars and the cosmos. I think that’s the appeal of Neil deGrasse Tyson, he makes things interesting. I thought it would make sense to try to go one level deeper, so I picked up Origins of Existence.

First Blood

It seems that if you watch the movie first, the book sucks. I found that to be the case especially with Fight Club. More often than that is, you read the book first and the movie sucks. It’s rare to find an instance where the book and the movie are equally as good.

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