Of Mice and Men

Posted on February 18, 2022

Author: John Steinbeck
My Rating: 4/5

I first read this book in 2020 and now read it again in 2022. My wife, who is a high school English teacher, was preparing to teach this, so I thought I’d read it again to be able to discuss it with her. I generally like the few books of Steinbeck that I’ve read – and that’s true for this one too.

After re-reading it, I’m not sure why I like it. It’s a sad story – maybe it’s like music, the best songs are sad.

The part I couldn’t understand this time was the ending. Why didn’t George grab Lennie and run at the end? He was ahead of the other guys in the group and it seems the two of them got away before, in Weed. I’m not sure why exactly it ended the way it did.