December 2022

Posted on December 1, 2022

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“You get more out of reading 1 book that’s great 5 times than out of reading 5 mediocre books.

Books that are older, in general, tend to be better because the reason the reason the person wrote it was a different intention. They wrote it because they wanted to transmit knowledge to the next generation. Whereas the people who write books are now are writing for money, writing for notoriety, or writing to sell other shit.

If I read something once, I still don’t know it yet. I will read a book 2 times, 3 times, 4 times, 5 times – until I can teach the book.

If your behavior doesn’t change as a result of reading a book then it means you’ve learned nothing which means it was a waste of time. Many people that read books are just wasting their time, because their behavior doesn’t change

– Alex Hormozi, 14 Life Lessons I Wish I Knew Earlier,